Zooey Deschanel Covers Allure February 2012

Posted Thursday January 19, 2012 10:52 AM GMT

She's experiencing a life transition after ending her marriage and launching a new TV show, and Zooey Deschanel is featured on the cover of the February 2012 issue of Allure magazine.

The "New Girl" actress posed for a fun-filled Norman Jean Roy shot photo shoot while talking with the publication about her persona defined hairstyle, protecting herself against nasty tabloids and not being obsessed with her weight.

Highlights from Zooey's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to Allure!

On how closely she's associated with her hairstyle:
"I'm bangs and eyes. It's who I am. There have been periods when I've grown my bangs out, but I always cut them back, so it's like, why go through the trouble?"

On being more like Jess than most of the other characters she's played:
"Because I have brown hair and a low voice, I would get cast as dry, sarcastic, ironic people, which I can do, but it's not my sense of humor. I'm a very positive person. I get excited easily, and I like to jump around."

On protecting herself from online gossip and mean comments:
"I can't go on Gawker. I actually think the writing is really funny, but there is a chance that somebody is undercutting me."

On her defense from snarky critics who find her overly girlish:
"If you feel like dressing like a girl, there's nothing wrong with that. I don't know why femininity should be associated with weakness. Women should be free to express who they are without thinking, I need to act like a man, or I need to tone it down to be successful. That's a very good way to keep women down."

On not being obsessed with her weight:
"Some people around me, they're like 89 pounds. I'm not going to say I'm a big girl. I'm a very small person, but I'm a healthy weight. That might be a little weird for Hollywood."

On finding irony in the label "It" girl:
"'It' girl is supposed to be something that only lasts a certain amount of time. They keep calling me an 'It' girl, and at this point it makes me laugh, because they've done that so many times: 'You're it'; 'you're not it.' What is 'it'?"

Photo Credit: Norman Jean Roy for Allure