Zoe Saldana Talks Secret Summer Wedding on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

Posted Wednesday December 4, 2013 5:03 PM GMT

She’s uber-careful about letting her personal life leak into the public realm, so it was interesting that Zoe Saldana chatted a bit about her wedding to Marco Perego during her interview on “ Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The “Avatar” actress seemed to be in good spirits as she greeted Kimmel, who blurted out, “Congratulations! You got married since the last time I saw you.”

Zoe replied, “I did. And congratulations to you, too. You got married.” Jimmy fired back, “Thank you. It’s not a competition, though. We don’t need to just go around getting married.”

Keeping the details close to her vest, Saldana did divulge where the blessed occasion took place- "I got married in England. I did it in England. Can you top that?"

Watch Zoe's interview below!

Photo Credit: ABC

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