Zac Efron Talks Curious Cuisine on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Posted Saturday October 6, 2012 10:06 PM GMT

After recently returning from a trip to the Philippines, Zac Efron hit the press circuit by paying a visit to ABC Studios for an appearance on Friday night's (October 5) episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

The 24-year-old was his usual cool self while looking suave in khaki pants, a brown blazer and a white button up while sitting down to discuss the brave new eating habits he endured during his time in the southeastern Asian Islands.

While sharing the tale from his world travels, Zac showed a clip of himself trying a Filipino delicacy for the first time - all the while perched atop of a volcano located in the Legazpi, Albay region.

"We found that the best way to really explore the culture is to actually taste all the food," Zac dished. "The first thing we tried is 'balut.' It’s kind of a weird thing. What they do is they fertilize the duck egg, and it sort of matures inside the egg.”

Although the footage would have one believe that he wasn't a fan of the new grub, Efron confessed to having had three more servings, descriptively telling, “It tastes kinda like chicken broth. It wasn’t that bad, it was cool.”

Check out more of what Zac had to say about his recent trip, as well as his upcoming movie, "The Paperboy," by watching the players below!