Zac Efron Has a Real Awkward Moment on Red Carpet

Posted Thursday January 23, 2014 3:35 PM GMT

He enjoyed filming "That Awkward Moment," but it seems as though Zac Efron may not know how to handle real life uncomfortable encounters.

During the New York City screening of the new comedy, a FOX News reporter managed to leave the "High School Musical" hunk lost for words.

When asked by FOX's Michael Tammero, "What is your point of view on living, loving and acting?" Efron immediately raised an eyebrow and answered "Sorry, what?"

After awkwardly laughing, the reporter re-worded the question, "What is a 20-something male point of view on living and loving?"

Zac then answered, "Watch the movie," and then made a weird face at the camera.

Check out the awkward exchange below!

Photo Credit: FOX