Will Ferrell Says “Good Morning America”

Posted Tuesday July 24, 2012 10:49 AM GMT

Taking care of some media duties, Will Ferrell paid a visit to “Good Morning America” studios in New York City today (July 24).

Sporting a pair of aviator sunglasses and a plaid shirt with jeans, the “Anchorman” actor was in the house to promote his forthcoming flick “The Campaign.”

Of his character Cam Brady, Will explained he drew inspiration from former Presidential candidate John Edwards.

He noted, “I definitely stole his hairstyle. I wanted Cam Brady to have absolutely perfect hair, worthy of $900 haircuts. In terms of a character study, I loved his style of being so overly earnest. And then you see behind the veneer, what’s really going on.”

As for the hijinks in the film, Ferrell teased, “We thought the political move of kissing a baby was prime territory to have something go terribly wrong for this candidate.”

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