Nick Lachey Names 5ive as the Lamest Boy Band of the '90s

Posted Wednesday March 19, 2014 6:25 PM GMT

He's very familiar with the subject so it was with great interest that fans tuned in to hear Nick Lachey's take on the worst '90s boy band.

During "Watch What Happens Live" on Monday (March 17), host Andy Cohen asked the 98 Degrees member who was the "lamest" boy band of the '90s.

Though it was Andy who first mentioned 5ive, the 40-year-old singer admitted, "We actually had a big time beef with 5ive."

Explaining the mini-feud, Nick shared, "We were on the Smash Hits tour in the U.K. with a bunch of pop groups at the time, and 5ive for whatever reason just had it out for us. So we used to battle every night." Check out the interview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo