Jennifer Aniston's "Wanderlust": In Theaters Now!

Posted Friday February 24, 2012 5:10 PM GMT

Bringing the long-awaited R-rated caper to the big screen, the sure to be fan favorite film "Wanderlust" was released into theaters today (February 24).

Directed by David Wain, the movie hosts the hilarious duo of Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd while telling the story of "an urban couple who branches out to live a more counter-culture lifestyle."

"Wanderlust" also stars Malin Akerman, Ray Liotta and Alan Alda, as well as Miss Aniston's beau, Justin Theroux.

During a recent press blitz, Jen dished about shooting the flick in a small Georgia town, telling GQ mag, “I have to say that I felt a real connection doing this movie because, in a kind of parallel universe, I was escaping. We shot in this little town called Clarkesville, Ga.”

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