Barbara Walters Stands Up for Woody Allen

Posted Tuesday February 4, 2014 11:15 AM GMT

The sexual abuse allegations levied by Dylan Farrow against Woody Allen are shocking to say the least, and Barbara Walters is standing by her buddy.

The “View” honcho cited Allen’s treatment of his adopted daughters Bechet (14) and Manzie (13) as evidence that he’s not the monster Farrow claims he is.

"I have rarely seen a father as sensitive, as loving and as caring as Woody is and Soon-Yi to these two girls. I don't know about Dylan. I can only tell you what I have seen now. That it's a good marriage, and he's a loving, caring father. I think that has to be said."

However, Jenny McCarthy questioned Barbara- "She has nothing to gain by coming out and saying this, so it just makes me stop and question.”

Walters answered, "Supposedly she is very angry, but she is doing it now because he is up for an award. So the question is, does your personal life interfere with the awards you may get?"

Then Sherri Shepherd jumped in- "We've heard so many cases of people going, 'He was the most wonderful person in the world. I would have never thought he would've done . . . Barbara, when you say, 'I'm speaking from what I've seen,' there are so many things that go on behind closed doors. We also know that he was with Soon-Yi when she was very young. Mia [Farrow] had adopted this girl when she was young and Woody was around her . . . He was dating a 17-year-old at one point. You've also got a man who's got a track record. He liked younger women. So it's not that far off."

Barbara countered, "The fact that he likes 'younger women,' that has nothing to do with . . ." before Shepherd cut her off- “But they're not of age! Seventeen is not of age, Barbara. It was his stepdaughter that he messed around with! That was his stepdaughter, Barbara. He married his stepdaughter!"

Photo Credit: ABC