Watch the First Scene of the "Veronica Mars" Movie

Posted Sunday March 2, 2014 11:50 AM GMT

It was the show's loyal fans that helped make the movie possible, and now the "Veronica Mars" movie is letting viewers watch the opening scene.

In the Kickstarter-funded film, the title character goes back to her hometown for her high school reunion, where she's tapped to help an old flame in a murder mystery.

Returning for the flick is Kristen Bell as the young private eye, with Kysten Ritter, Gaby Hoffman, Jerry O'Connell, and Jason Dohring also on board.

Check out the first scene below, in which Veronica gives a recap of her origins and what happened during the television series to prepare viewers for her new adventure. "Veronica Mars" hits theaters on March 14th.