Olga Kurylenko Stuns at "To the Wonder" Venetian Premiere

Posted Sunday September 2, 2012 4:30 PM GMT

Wowing the crowds with her stunning looks, Olga Kurylenko was on hand at the “To The Wonder” premiere in Venice, Italy on Sunday (September 2).

Donning a floor length black gown, the 32-year-old star joined her castmate Romina Mondello at the star-studded Palazzo del Cinema for the Venice Film Festival event.

The film’s cast was spotted at its photo call earlier in the afternoon, held at the Palazzo del Casino.

In regards to the flick, recent reports claim that Ben Affleck’s once leading role has been significantly reduced.

According to reports, blogger Jeffrey Wells, who is at the Telluride Film Festival this week, where Affleck is in attendance to support "Argo", tweeted on Friday that the actor's "Wonder" part has been significantly cut. "I'm told he's barely in [it]," Wells wrote.

It was recently revealed that "To the Wonder" co-stars Rachel Weisz, Amanda Peet, Michael Sheen and Barry Pepper were also cut out of the film completely.

Photo Credit: Getty Images