Valerie Harper Targeted By $2 Million Lawsuit from Broadway Producer

Posted Monday April 28, 2014 1:28 PM GMT

She’s celebrating her progress in fighting off inoperable brain cancer these days, but Valerie Harper's joy may be short-lived as her former Broadway producer is looking to loot her to the tune of two million dollars!

“Looped” honcho Matthew Lombardo filed a lawsuit against the 74-year-old actress for “intentionally failing to notify him that her cancer had returned, forcing him to have to find a last-minute replacement.”

Due to Harper’s delay in divulging her diagnosis, Lombardo claims it cost him $500,000 to find a suitable actress to fill in for her.

Meanwhile, Valerie made sure to mention that rather than the previous ‘cancer-free’ claim, she’s merely been able to stop her disease from taking her life- “I want to thank Closer Weekly for giving me a chance to clarify my story and, more importantly, to address the headline which states that I am cancer free. I am not cancer free.”

“As I have stated on many occasions, I have Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis (Lepto), lung cancer that has traveled to the meninges around my brain. While speaking to the reporter for Closer Weekly, I was relaying a story where my doctor had told me that in his 30 year practice, I was the only Lepto patient he has seen without other cancers already present.”

“I had just had my yearly full-body scan to determine if this sneaky cancer had migrated to other parts of my body. Therefore, in completing that part of the story, I told the reporter with excitement that I was cancer-free, but what I meant to say was that my full body scan revealed that I was still thankfully cancer free.”

“What all parties want to be made clear now is that while the Lepto has not spread, I am still not cured. I am a cancer patient, and I continue to fight with the hope that a cure may be just around the corner,” she added.

Photo Credit: Getty Images