Tyra Banks Tweets Before-and-After Shots

Posted Thursday October 11, 2012 1:20 PM GMT

Giving her fans an unedited look into her life, Tyra Banks took to her Twitter page today (October 11) with a pair of photos- one before and one after her makeup session.

Along with the initial image, the “America’s Next Top Model” babe captioned, “I hear U loudNclear so natural skin it is! Ok, here's the "before" shot. Will send "after" shot soon. C u n a sec.”

Awhile later, Banks shared the finished photo, noting, “OkeeDokee. Here's the ‘after.’ No foundation but lotsa contour and eyeshadow...and WIND!”

Last week, Tyra also posted pics from her new photo shoot with Mark Liddell. "I shot with Mark Liddell when I was a teenager. So great to work with him again! Check the juicy muffin top on my back! Perfect is boring."

Photo Credit: Twitter

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