Jon Cryer Talks "Two and a Half Men" Changes

Posted Monday August 29, 2011 4:37 PM GMT

As the season opener of “Two and a Half Men” draws near, Jon Cryer opened about Charlie Sheen's character’s exit from the show.

The Alan Harper actor told Entertainment Weekly that Sheen’s character will not simply go away after his tragic death on the season premiere.

“The history of the show does not go away at all,” Cryer said. “It will be dealt with all through the first season. It’s not, ‘Oh, that character’s gone, let’s forget completely about him.’ There will be ramifications all through the season.”

As for Ashton Kutcher's new character, Jon told, “I can only say my character ends up being the more romantically experienced one of the two of them. So Alan becomes sort of a mentor character to Ashton’s character. And as bad as an idea as that sounds, it’s just as bad on the show — I’m a terrible mentor.”

Photo Credit: CBS

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