Topher Grace Debuts CerealPrize.Com

Posted Thursday February 6, 2014 2:05 PM GMT

He made his fortune on the hilarious television series "That 70's Show," and Topher Grace reveals he's ready to move on from his Eric Foreman days.

During his recent interview with the Huffington Post, the 38-year-old chatted about his first acting gig.

"I never acted before 'That 70s Show,' it was my first audition," Topher explained. "I was doing nothing up until my freshmen year of college and all of the sudden I was on this show."

He continued, "That was a good thing having to work while I was younger because you kind of put getting nervous about stuff out of your head. I don't think I even thought about being nervous. Somebody asked me the other day what 'That '70s Show' was like when we got started and I said it was like 'The Hunger Games.'"

"We were like a bunch of kids, all from different places, doing stuff in front of the nation, you know what I mean? We all had specific skills. So, I don't get too anxious about stuff anymore," he added.

Also chatting about his new pop culture website Cereal Prize, Mr. Grace stated, "I want it to have that kind of Saturday morning feel when your folks are still asleep, you come downstairs, make that really sugary cereal and watch cartoons. I didn't really want it to be a 'save the world' type thing. I mean eating sugary cereal and watching amazing throwback cartoons is the closest thing I've ever seen to world peace."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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