Catherine Zeta-Jones: Embarrassed Over Tony Speech

Posted Monday June 14, 2010 1:55 PM GMT

She took home the trophy for Best Actress at last night’s Tony Awards, but Catherine Zeta-Jones wishes things would have gone a bit differently.

The “No Reservations” babe took the stage to accept her award and blurted out, “See that man over there? He’s a movie star, and I get to sleep with him every night,” referring to her husband Michael Douglas.

But after she walked offstage, Catherine immediately regretted her remarks. She told press, "I can't believe I said something like that. Just can't believe I said something as crass as that."

"Boy, I could have said something worse and then I'd really be in trouble. Mind you, the problem with saying that I get to sleep with Michael every night is that it was done on television and it's on tape forever."

Photo Credit: Getty Images