Nicole Richie Talks Turtle Coops and Britney Spears Spanking on “The Tonight Show”: Watch Here!

Posted Tuesday July 8, 2014 3:15 PM GMT

Still plugging away on the “Candidly Nicole” promotional trail, Nicole Richie showed up at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Monday night (July 7).

The “Simple Life” lady told Fallon that she got her son Sparrow some turtles for his birthday, though he’s definitely lost interest in the reptilian companions.

Richie explained, “Now I’m stuck with these turtles. But, I did end up getting very into these turtles and I ended up joining an online turtle forum. I found out a lot. They’re much better living outdoors. So I built them this beautiful outdoor turtle coop. I created this coop. It’s amazing.”

Furthermore, Nicole noted that getting spanked by Britney Spears during a Sin City concert was quite the memorable moment.

“Let me tell you, Britney Spears came out when I was 15 and this was like the last time in my life that I was a diehard fan… So that love never went away. When I see Britney Spears I turn into my fifteen-year-old self. I can’t handle it.”

Riche continued, “So I finally went to go see her in concert in Vegas. All of a sudden her big security guard taps me on a shoulder. He says, ‘Come with me.’ [And I say], ‘Okay.’ So he pulls me up on stage… and all of a sudden her dancers come over to me and they just whisper, ‘Get on all fours!”

“Britney walked me like a dog, spanked me with a whip, it was the greatest moment of my life.”

Photo Credit: NBC