Kevin Bacon Brings Down "The Tonight Show" with Fierce Dance Moves - Watch Here!

Posted Saturday March 22, 2014 11:23 AM GMT

Delivering some harsh news to audience members and fans alike, Jimmy Fallon announced on Friday (March 22) that dancing had been officially banned on "The Tonight Show."

After receiving numerous rounds of booing from the audience, Jimmy claimed that, "It's a bummer, but rules are rules," adding when the audience booed again, "Oh shut up! We have to follow the rules, you guys. No dancing!" But fortunately, Kevin Bacon showed up in the nick of time to break those rules!

Sitting back stage, the "Following" star stared at Jimmy's report in disbelief, saying, "Dancing is illegal? Jump back! This is 'The Tonight Show.' There has to be dancing!"

And before we know it, we're swept off our feet by the 55-year-old stud, and his collection of fierce and fantastic dance moves, ranging from sexy, to downright strange. Watch the video below to see Kevin's dance statement!