Jimmy Fallon Teams with Jonah Hill for “#Hashtag2” on “Tonight Show”

Posted Thursday February 20, 2014 12:15 PM GMT

He’s been killing it as the new host of “The Tonight Show” and Jimmy Fallon brought a sequel to his “Late Night” sketch “#Hastags” last night.

This time joining forces with Jonah Hill (he had Justin Timberlake in the original), the former SNL funnyman poked fun at the superfluous use of hashtags on social media with an obnoxious conversation.

Hill began, "Things have been a little crazy lately… Hashtag livin' la vida loca. What's up with you?"

Jimmy fired back, "Just having my morning, joe, hashtag ivin' la vida mocha," while making a hashtag with his fingers.

And when asked about his baby girl Winnie, Fallon gushed, "She's great — actually, we play a lot of games… #PattyCake #Peekaboo, #GotYourNose, #SpeakingOfIGotYourNose, I think somebody played that with Lord Voldemort. #JustWatchedPrisonerofAzkaban, #GetMyWizardOn, #ProfessorSnape, #HarryPotter.”

At one point, both director Martin Scorsese and Tonight Show band drummer Questlove interjected, urging Jimmy and Jonah to knock it off.

Check the video below!

Photo Credit: NBC