Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon Perform Three-Legged Pants Dance

Posted Saturday March 1, 2014 11:51 AM GMT

Giving eager viewers a dance number to remember forever, Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz hopped into a crazy pair of pants on "The Tonight Show" and performed a pants dance!

The catch? The pair of pants featured only three legs, and both stars had to fit inside, while also wearing only three shoes between them, as they drew a random dance move to perform from the red "Velvety Dance Bag."

Good sports the entire way through, Jimmy and Cameron drew out the dance moves, "The Roger Rabbit," twerking and finally, the "Mick Jagger!"

Watch the video below to see Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz wear one giant sneaker, and a three-leg pair of pants, performing hilarious dance moves!