Russell Brand & Jane Lynch Lock Lips on Leno!

Posted Friday October 26, 2012 2:35 PM GMT

They’re both fairly outspoken personalities, and last night (October 25) Russell Brand and Jane Lynch joined forces on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

The “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” stud, who is definitely known for his amorous exploits, greeted the “Glee” gal as she came out onto the stage with a kiss on the lips.

From there, Jane, who has been quite open about her lesbian preference and is married to a clinical psychologist, took it all in stride and even offered some playful banter.

After Brand exclaimed, “That kiss on the mouth has taken our relationship to the next level,” Lynch observed, “You have really nice teeth for a British person.” Russell returned the backhanded compliment- “You’ve got nice lips for a Yank.”

Brand also conveyed a story about his experience at the 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremonies in London. "Well, I enjoyed the bit where it was all the running, the jumping, the skipping, the skylarking, the hullabaloo, the competitiveness, the beads of sweat, that was all lovely. But when it came to that bit that I had to do... just before I went on stage in that clip... I thought - once they said 'Do you wanna be in the Olympics?' - on some level, I thought, 'I'm an athlete now.’”

"So, before I did [my song], I did some limbering up, exercises, but because I don't know how to limber up properly, 'cause I'm not really an athlete, I did it badly... one minute before I had to go on top of that bus... I heard this [ripping] noise, like that, and my trousers tore - a significant distance - and at that point, someone said, 'Right! Get on top of the bus!'"

Photo Credit: Getty Images