Tom Hanks Meets a Fan with Autism Backstage

Posted Thursday October 24, 2013 5:41 PM GMT

Going backstage to share a few hugs, stories and laughs, the multi-talented Tom Hanks met with a lifelong fan after one of his Lucky Guy performances in New York in March.

Sarah Moretti, autistic superfan of Hanks, met with the 57-year-old in a video interview, showing him a scrapbook collection of his career. He saw the book, telling her, "Sweetie! How wonderful is it to meet you?"

Rifling through the pages of Sarah's photo album, Hanks was overwhelmed, saying, “Sarah, this is so great! You know, my mom doesn't even have something like this!”

He made her day by telling her stories about his exploits and his family, personally signing several pages of her book and giving her a big hug. Watch the video interview below!


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