Tom Daley Shares First Photo with Dustin Lance Black

Posted Monday January 6, 2014 7:32 PM GMT

Sharing his happiness with the world, Tom Daley posted a photo of himself and his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black to Instagram this weekend.

The hunky British diver and his Oscar-winning screenwriter boyfriend are shown cuddling up at dinner with the caption, "#splash celebrations :) Beef Wellington...yes please!!!"

Oh his relationship with Black, Daley told the "Jonathon Ross Show," "I'd never felt like anything like it before. We were at a party and I hadn't even spoken to him all night. I didn't know what to do or if he was gay at first."

"I typed 'call me' in his notes with a smiley face on this phone and the next day he texted. He makes me feel safe and happy," he continued. "Right now I couldn't be happier."

Photo Credit: Instagram

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