Tom Cruise Tops Highest Paid Actor List

Posted Tuesday July 3, 2012 6:05 PM GMT

What a nice birthday gift! In spite of the recent negativity following his divorce from Katie Holmes, Forbes just announced that Tom Cruise tops its list of highest paid actors this year.

From May 2011 to May 2012, the “Top Gun” actor earned a whopping $75 million making him the richest actor in Hollywood. This money will play a huge role in the current divorce proceedings, especially when dealing with child support for Suri.

Following behind the main man are Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam Sandler who are tied for second with $37 million earned.

The “Titanic” star is currently focusing on adult-themed movies while Sandler focuses on his slap-stick comedies, which seem to rake in well at the box office.

Following up in third is wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson with $36 million for his role in “Fast Five.”

Here are the rest of the actors on the list:
4. Ben Stiller with $33 million.

5. Sacha Baron Cohen with $30 million.

6. Johnny Depp with $ 30 million.

7. Will Smith with $30 million.

8. Mark Wahlberg with $27 million.

9. Taylor Lautner with $26.5 million.

10. Robert Pattinson with $26.5 million.

Photo Credit: Getty Images