Taylor Swift: Christmas Lights Lady in London

Posted Tuesday November 6, 2012 2:01 PM GMT

Making the most of her time across the pond, Taylor Swift showed up at Westfield Shopping Centre at Shepherd’s Bush in London, England today (November 6).

The “All Too Well” singer looked gorgeous in a red dress as she switched on the Christmas Lights as part of a holiday kickoff event.

And while she’s single since splitting from Conor Kennedy, it sounds like Taylor already has an admirer from Owl City.

Adam Young, who is rumored to be the subject of Swift’s song “Enchanted,” has made it known that he’d gladly take her out on a date.

Young gushed, “She's got a lot of people at her doorstep. I just try and stay off the radar. I don't wanna force anything, but I'm around.”

Previously, Adam told press, “It’s cool to know that an artist such as Taylor, who is very open about the fact that she writes songs to deal with her life and to be a part of that is a very cool thing. It's a very sweet song. I'm very honored.”

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