Susan Sarandon Calls The Pope a "Nazi"

Posted Monday October 17, 2011 4:18 PM GMT

Making for a whirlwind of controversy, Susan Sarandon dubbed Pope Benedict XVI as a "Nazi" while at the Hamptons Film Festival over the weekend.

During an interview with Bob Balaban, the "Thelma & Louise" actress discussed her 1995 film "Dead Man Walking," a picture based on an anti-death penalty book of which she sent to the Pope.

"The last one. not this Nazi one we have now," Susan snapped, before being met with disapproval from Balaban, which apparently prompted her to repeat the remark.

Following the much-talked about comment, a rep for the Pope came forth to explain that - while it was true Benedict was a member of the Hitler Youth when he was a child - it was only because it was a requirement for German boys at the time, noting he had served no "active participation."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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