JC Penney's Bizarre Super Bowl Tweets Explained: "‪#TweetingWithMittens"

Posted Monday February 3, 2014 7:28 PM GMT

Their bizarre tweets caused quite a stir on social media, but JC Penney was totally in control while tweeting during the Super Bowl on Sunday (February 2).

Eyebrows were initially raised when the company wrote, "Who kkmew theis was ghiong tob e a baweball ghamle. #lowsscorinh 5_0."

Buzz continued when they added, "Toughdown Seadawks!! Is sSeattle going toa runaway wit h this???"

As the garbled messages were retweeted, speculation swirled that whoever was posting from the account had a little too much pre-gaming going on.

However, it was later revealed that the tweets were a mere marketing ploy to sell more Team USA mittens, as they wrote, "Oops...Sorry for the typos. We were ‪#TweetingWithMittens. Wasn't it supposed to be colder? Enjoy the game! ‪#GoTeamUSA." Well played, JC Penney.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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