Steven Tyler Appears on "Late Show" After Break-Up Rumors

Posted Friday November 2, 2012 12:00 PM GMT

In light of recent break-up rumors, Steven Tyler was spotted arriving at the “Late Show with David Letterman” in New York City on Thursday (November 1).

The Aerosmith frontman rocked a pair of flared jeans with a violet top and sweater as he greeted fans waiting outside the Ed Sullivan Theater.

While sitting down with the legendary late night host, Steven and his bandmate Joe Perry discussed their former, hard-partying days.

"We were an army marching on and we were raping and pillaging and going from town to town," Tyler said.

"When it’s done you don’t go back and go bowling or knit in your room, you drink it feels good. You may have some cocaine, it feels good. If you could put a button here, and humans could orgasm, how many people in the audience wouldn’t be hitting that button all day long."

Watch more of the interview below!

Photo Credit: INF Daily