Steve Carell Talks Stardom, Cynicism & Stephen Colbert with THR

Posted Saturday August 4, 2012 12:58 AM GMT

With his new movie "Hope Springs" set to hit theaters on August 8th, Steve Carell upped his exposure by taking over the cover of the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The 49-year-old Brioni-clad comedic actor pulled out the charm for the Frank W. Ockenfels shot front page while dishing about his disdain for cynicism and praising good friend Stephen Colbert during the course of the feature article.

A few highlights from Mr Carell's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to The Hollywood Reporter!

On being averse to cynicism:
"It's not like I want to put sunshine and lollipops into the world, but I do believe there's been a turn toward an uber-cynical point of view, and it's borderline mean."

On his good friend and former understudy Stephen Colbert:
"When we were working in Second City, one of the staff members left and we had a tribute to him. I remember Stephen went onstage and sang a song, and it was so moving and beautiful and poignant. He's supremely intelligent, but he also has an enormous heart."

On placing importance on issues of decency and morality over his own career:
"You project a version of yourself to the public to protect and insulate yourself a little bit. Actors come up with a version of themselves in order to protect the real person."

Meryl Streep on seeing Carell's Michael Scott character for the first time on 'The Office':
"The first time I saw The Office, I thought: 'Who is this? He's absolutely wonderful.' His character has a quality of distraction and narcissism that is completely out of his control, but there is a pathos that's very authentic so you believe in this person and feel for him."

Photo Credit: Frank W. Ockenfels for The Hollywood Reporter

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