Donald Sterling’s Wife Scores $2 Billion Deal for LA Clippers

Posted Friday May 30, 2014 9:00 AM GMT

Given his ban from the NBA over some secretly-recorded racist remarks, Donald Sterling has been forced to give up his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers.

And while that may seem to be a huge setback to him, his wife Shelly managed to negotiate a deal with Steve Ballmer to unload the team to the tune of $2 billion- the most money ever paid for a league team.

At this point, the other 29 owners in the NBA will schedule a Board of Governors meeting to analyze the terms of the sale in order to approve or deny it.

Ballmer is a former CEO of Microsoft and was able to outbid folks like David Geffen and Oprah Winfrey, who had joined forces to try and purchase the Clippers as well.

Photo Credit: WireImage

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