Spencer Pratt: Getting Stranger with Age

Posted Monday August 16, 2010 1:15 PM GMT

He’s been acting a little extra wacko lately and on Saturday (August 14) Spencer Pratt showed up in Malibu looking like his usual nutjob self.

Followed by an entourage of his "paid" friends, the former “Hills” character arrived at the Becker surf shop sporting an unkempt beard and scruffy appearance for his 27th birthday.

The next day, Spencer took to his Twitter page to take aim at a few celebrities, including former Bristol Palin fiancé Levi Johnston.

Pratt tweeted, “Seriously considering a run for mayor of Wasilla, AK. Apparently the only prereq is being a douche-bag.” He also questioned Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter Montana’s new porn career, asking when porn stars became “role models.”

Photo Credit: FamePictures.com