Sophia Bush Talks Chad Michael Murray in Splash: I've Dated The Wrong Guys

Posted Wednesday January 8, 2014 10:55 AM GMT

She’s had her fair share of bad relationships over the years, and now Sophia Bush admits that she's learned a thing or two from her ex-boyfriends.

In the latest issue of Splash magazine, the 31-year-old actress opened up about her exes from "One Tree Hill" including her ex-hubby of five months, Chad Michael Murray.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Bush's interview below. For more, be sure to visit Splash!

On her past relationships:
“I think every woman on Earth has dated the wrong guy at some point. If I were looking at myself objectively, [I’d say] I’m a strong person and that can translate into a strong personality. I’ll give all the space in the world to fairness, but I don’t have any room for intolerance… I have a ferocious understanding of right and wrong and I don’t tolerate the wrong.”

On her co-star exes:
“My mother once said to me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, not to say anything at all. We were stupid kids who had no business being in a relationship in the first place. To all the other costars who’ve worked it out, more power to you. At the end of the day, we’re grownups, and I actually think it’s interesting that when people split in a way that’s unpleasant, they usually just go on quite literally hating each other – or the person in my situations hates the other person, whatever – but when you have to work with somebody for another half a decade, you kind of have to deal with it"

On her career:
“Because for me, at the end of the day, my job is my priority. And so I think at the end of it, it really lets me just let go of it.”

Photo Credit: Splash

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