Celebrity Scandals: Gossip Center http://www.gossipcenter.com/site/rss2 en Gossipcenter.com Copyright 2010 Celebrity-Gossip.net - All Rights Reserved Mon, 30 Mar 2015 16:06:19 -0400 Gigi Hadid Covers Adweek http://www.gossipcenter.com/gigi-hadid/gigi-hadid-covers-adweek-1234528 She may only be 19 years old but already Gigi Hadid is making waves in the fashion industry thanks to her keen business acumen and superior social media skills.

In her cover story for Adweek, the beautiful poser admits that while she’s on top of her game right now, she’s not oblivious to the fact that modeling isn’t always going to pay the bills.

Gigi explains, “What people want to know is, OK, what’s after modeling? And that’s forcing us to think about those things [even earlier]. It’s not just OK anymore to model until you’re 25 and then stop and be a housewife.”

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:59:38 -0400
Leah Remini Praises “Going Clear” Documentarian Alex Gibney http://www.gossipcenter.com/movies/leah-remini-praises-%E2%80%9Cgoing-clear%E2%80%9D-documentarian-alex-gibney-1234521 The Hollywood connection to Scientology has always been pretty strong, but Leah Remini hopes the new documentary “Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief” will help to tell the real story of the controversial cult.

Having left the church back in 2013, the “King of Queens” actress is glad that some of the closely-guarded secrets are now out in the open. On Sunday (March 29) Remini tweeted, "Thank you to the brave who did something about it. And to those who didn't have a voice, you do now."

In an interview, documentarian Alex Gibney declared, “You know, there's a doctrine in the church called 'fair game,' which means that if there are critics of the church, it’s fair game to go after them in any way you can to slander them. It's interesting to me that a church, which is a religious organization in theory, would spend so much time trying to provoke hatred."

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:44:43 -0400
Molly Sims Shares Baby Love on Instagram http://www.gossipcenter.com/molly-sims/molly-sims-shares-baby-love-instagram-1234518 She’s thrilled to be a mom for the second time, and Molly Sims gave fans a look at her adorable bundle of joy via her Instagram account on Monday morning (March 30).

The 41-year-old “Fired Up” starlet smiled as she took a selfie with newborn daughter Scarlett May on her chest, simply captioned, “#grateful.”

Sims and her husband Scott Stuber have been married for almost five years and have a son named Brooks, who was born in 2012. Last Thursday she wrote, "We welcome Scarlett May Stuber into our family. Our hearts are bigger with you here. Our little bundle of joy weighs in at 7.7 pounds and is 21 inches long. Momma and baby are doing well. We are thrilled that the newest addition has finally arrived and we are so excited that we are now a family of four!"

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:29:54 -0400
Katy Perry Talks Women Who Changed Her Life in Glamour April 2015 http://www.gossipcenter.com/katy-perry/katy-perry-talks-women-who-changed-her-life-glamour-april-2015-1234520 She’s one of the most prolific pop stars in the game these days and Katy Perry credits a select few ladies with helping to inspire her along her journey.

The “I Kissed a Girl” singer told Glamour's April 2015 issue that comedian Jenny Slate is one of her favorite comedians- “Jenny starred in my favorite film of 2014, Obvious Child, and guest-stars on one of my favorite TV shows, Kroll Show. I think every woman can relate to her dark, unfiltered approach to comedy (and to her delightful Twitter feed, @jennyslate).”

Allison Williams of “Girls” fame is also a top player- “Allison was born for this business. Even her effortless airport style would take me four hours to replicate. I can’t wait to see her established as a household name in all things TV and film—especially because she’s such a good human,” and Kacey Musgraves also received an honorable mention- “Kacey is one of the most unique songwriters I’ve heard in the past decade. She puts into words what the heart feels. And she’s not bad on the eyes and has a great sense of humor the whole way through.”

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 18:14:08 -0400
“Jurassic World” Drops Brand New Television Spot: Watch Here! http://www.gossipcenter.com/jurassic-world/%E2%80%9Cjurassic-world%E2%80%9D-drops-brand-new-television-spot-watch-here-1234512 It’s going to be a crazy summer at the movies, and “Jurassic World” has just unveiled an exciting television clip to build the hype.

The forthcoming flick stars Chris Pratt, Judy Greer, Jake Johnson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio and BD Wong and is slated to hit theaters on June 12th.

Per the synopsis, “Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction is created to re-spark visitor's interest, which backfires horribly.”

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Jay-Z Enlists Rihanna, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce & Madonna for Exclusive Tidal Deal http://www.gossipcenter.com/music/jay-z-enlists-rihanna-kanye-west-nicki-minaj-beyonce-madonna-exclusive-tidal-deal-1234530 He’s looking to reinvent the music streaming industry and Jay Z is relying on a little help from his famous friends.

The “99 Problems” rap mogul will re-launch Tidal today (March 30) and he’s released a star-studded advertisement to build the buzz.

As part of the deal, Jay will offer new music from Rihanna, Madonna, Kanye West, Usher, Beyonce and many other artists first, ahead of Spotify and various other competitors. Check the clip to learn more!

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 17:44:26 -0400
David Beckham & James Corden Frolic in Undies for “The Late Late Show” http://www.gossipcenter.com/late-late-show-james-corden/david-beckham-james-corden-frolic-undies-%E2%80%9C-late-late-show%E2%80%9D-1234514 They’re great friends and fellow Englishmen, so it’s no wonder James Corden was able to get David Beckham to strip down to his skivvies for a hilarious new “The Late Late Show” sketch.

The spot, slated to air tonight (March 30), is for a fake underwear company called D&J Briefs, and both David and James serve as spokesmodels.

Corden tells the camera, “D&J Briefs. It’s underwear for a man with a great body… and David Beckham,” however, it’s clear that Becks’ bangin’ bod gives him a slight advantage over the curvy and cuddly “Late Late Show” host.

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 17:29:37 -0400
Jenny McCarthy: Begged to Come Back By “The View” Producers?! http://www.gossipcenter.com/jenny-mccarthy/jenny-mccarthy-begged-come-back-%E2%80%9C-view%E2%80%9D-producers-1234515 Last year she was unceremoniously dismissed from her co-host chair at “The View,” and now Jenny McCarthy has revealed that the honchos thought better of their hasty decision.

During her interview on “The Howard Stern Show,” the former “Singled Out” starlet declared, “One of the producers called and said would I ever consider it? And I said, ‘No, thank you.’ Because I couldn’t be me. I think they might try one more year and then I think the Titanic might go down.”

Jenny’s husband Donnie Wahlberg also chimed in, “She’s very gracious about ‘The View,’ and I will say, I told her the day she left, ‘They’re gonna ask you back within six months. And she won’t say it, but they did. Not officially, but they did.”

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 16:59:19 -0400
Justin Bieber Jumps In On Skrillex’s Ultra Music Festival Miami Set! http://www.gossipcenter.com/justin-bieber/justin-bieber-jumps-skrillex%E2%80%99s-ultra-music-festival-miami-set-1234519 Following up his surprise appearance at Ariana Grande's show on Saturday (March 28), Justin Bieber decided to get in on the action during Skrillex’s concert at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival on Sunday evening (March 29).

As soon as the “As Long as You Love Me” singer hit the stage, the crowd went wild, and Justin collaborated with Skrillex and Diplo on the song “Where Are U Now.”

Thankfully, Bieber remembered his lyrics this time around, as he came up short during Grande’s “Love Me Harder,” the previous evening. Justin explained, “I feel a little bad, Ariana. I forgot the words. I’ve been trying to memorize them backstage for like an hour. I feel so bad. I’m so sorry.”

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 16:29:26 -0400
Hilary Duff: “Luca is Very Particular About How He Likes My Hair!” http://www.gossipcenter.com/hilary-duff/hilary-duff-%E2%80%9Cluca-very-particular-about-how-he-likes-my-hair%E2%80%9D-1234516 She’s every bit the doting mother and it seems Hilary Duff has given her son Luca final say on how she wears her mane.

While promoting her new show “Younger” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Monday (March 30), the “Cheaper By the Dozen” dame discussed her “mermaid” green coif- "I’ve never done anything like this! I was just in Cabo with my son and I was staring at the ocean, and I was like I want that on my head. So this happened."

Duff also mentioned, “Luca is very particular about how he likes my hair. There’s absolutely no buns on my head, no ponytails. I’ll have a ponytail and he’s like, 'Um, hair down, Mom. Hair down please.' At least he knows what he likes!" As for her March 15th sexy bikini pic on social media, Hilary explained, "I had spent all weekend in a bikini, and I was feeling pretty good. I’m just like everyone else. Usually, I'm not feeling so good. I [have a] love-hate relationship with my body. [But] I was on a trip with my son, and it's been three years since I had him. I'm just so proud of my body and what it’s done for me. It gave me the most beautiful little boy. I feel strong and powerful—and I wanted to inspire other women."

Mon, 30 Mar 2015 15:56:45 -0400