Shirley Temple: I Cried On Command!

Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014 10:30 AM GMT

She had the world eating out of her hand with movies like “Heidi” and “Poor Little Rich Girl,” and it turns out Shirley Temple Black had an uncanny ability for making herself cry.

Back in 1999, the “Curly Top” actress explained how she was able to go from happy to tears in a matter of moments.

Temple shared, "I guess I was an early method actress. I would go to a quiet part of the sound stage with my mother. I wouldn't think of anything sad, I would just make my mind a blank. In a minute I could cry. I didn't like to cry after lunch, because I was too content."

Furthermore, Shirley confessed she took advantage of her talent after getting pulled over near Malibu in a new red convertible when she was 21 years old. “[I told myself] ‘You’re an actress. Cry!’” Apparently it worked!

Photo Credit: Moviepix