Remembering Shirley Temple: 5 Darling Movies From the Original Child Star

Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014 3:00 PM GMT

She warmed the hearts of millions when she came onto the scene in the early 1930s, and Hollywood learned today (February 11) that it lost a legend in Shirley Temple Black. Coined "The Original Child Star," the 85-year-old actress starred in a plethora of memorable big screen creation in her younger years, using her bright eyes and dimples to cheer up the Depression Era.

In honor of the late "On the Good Ship Lollipop" darling, GossipCenter looks back on five of Shirley's most adorable movies. Check out the list below!

1. "The Little Princess" (1939)
Also starring Richard Greene and Anita Louise, “The Little Princess” saw Temple as a young lady who ends up living at a private school for girls after her father was shipped off to Africa to fulfill his responsibilities in the Army. However, when her dad was declared ‘mission in action’ she was forced to scrub floors perform various other chores to earn her keep. And all the while she never gave up hope that her father would be found.

2. "Bright Eyes" (1934)
Considered to be one of Shirley’s most beloved projects, “Bright Eyes” follows the orphaned daughter of a deceased maid who ends up living with the wealthy family for whom her late mother used to work. Of course, Temple is super-cute and ends up causing a custody battle between her adoring aviator godfather and cranky old Uncle Ned. James Dunn and Jane Darwell also star.

3. "Heidi" (1937)
Showing her range as a mountain girl, Shirley is (once again) orphaned only to be taken by her selfish Aunt Dete to live with her rural-dwelling survivalist grandfather. However, through pure charm and darlingness, Heidi brings him back into the fold of society. Unfortunately, Aunt Dete steals her again and now Grandpa Adolph must find her and bring her back.

4. "Baby Take a Bow" (1934)
Temple worked under the direction of Harry Lachman and alongside frequent costar James Dunn in this hit film from her heyday. Ex-convict Eddie marries Kay and they have a daughter named Shirley. However, just as all seems to be well, Kay’s employer finds that things are coming up missing and he immediately looks to Eddie and his former partner-in-crime Larry.

5. "Honeymoon" (1947)
A little older now, Temple plays beautiful-yet-scatterbrained Barbara Olmstead as she travels to Mexico City to marry her fiancé, a serviceman. When she finds out he’s running behind, Barbara sets out to find a place to stay. Meanwhile, her fiancé shows up and can’t find her and drama and complications are unavoidable.

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