Shia LaBeouf Shows off His Chic Physique

Posted Wednesday February 26, 2014 11:20 PM GMT

Hitting the West Hollywood, CA scene to put some gas in the car, Shia LaBeouf strutted his stuff with some interesting fashion choices today (February 26).

Standing tall in a loose maroon tee, the "Nymphomaniac" star walked along in a pair of brown skinnies and high-top boots, giving the cameras a serious face as he plodded back to his car.

In related news, the 27-year-old's strange behavior in recent months has garnered attention from news agencies and the Hollywood circle, and may be part of a new plan to get rid of paparazzi lawsuits.

CNN Opinion highlighted a letter written by controversial star Alec Baldwin regarding the increasingly intrusive media that said, "Everyone has a camera in their pocket...You can tell [paparazzi] want to get into it with you. Some bump into me or block the entrance to my apartment..."

The opinion column used Baldwin's short temper and anger at the media to suggest that, since everyone has cameras now, why not take pictures and video of those who take pictures and video of you?

If this is done, then celebrities could catch pesky paparazzi in the act, turning the tables on irritating media incursions to prove celebrity innocence, which could explain Shia's strange appearances as attempts to get back at critics and media correspondents.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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