Shia LaBeouf: Movie Night

Posted Thursday May 28, 2009 1:56 AM GMT

Looking ready for a relaxing evening at home, Shia LaBeouf was spotted out picking up some entertainment for the evening during an outing in Studio City on Wednesday (May 27).

The “Transformers” stud dropped by a used DVD shop, purchasing a handful of old movies before continuing along on his way.

Meanwhile, it sounds as if Shia had a good friend in director Michael Bay during his troubled times throughout the filming of “Revenge of the Fallen”.

Bay told press: "You sometimes have to push him (Shia) when he doesn't believe it. He'll go through a dark period. With actors you've got to be a psychologist. You have to see the darkness coming, especially with funny actors.”

The acclaimed director added: "I can see it coming on and I have to say, 'Shia?' and pull him aside. I explain it to him and he'll come out of it. And then he'll say, 'You're right, you're right, I was in that mood?' The reason is they're scared of things sometimes. It's not easy being an actor and putting yourself out there."

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Enjoy the pictures of Shia LaBeouf out in Studio City (May 27).

Photo Credit: Limelight Pics