Sharon Osbourne Apologizes for "The View" Diss: "I'm a Loose Cannon"

Posted Friday November 8, 2013 11:55 AM GMT

While she has no problem giving people her opinion, Sharon Osbourne admits that her comments about "The View" may have been a bit harsh.

Days after declaring that the ladies on the talk show can "f*** themselves" the talk show co-host stepped onto the stage of "The Arsenio Hall Show" and discussed her "irreverent" behavior.

"I have to own this. I'm fully responsible for myself - some of the time," Miss Osbourne explained. "And unfortunately, I was inappropriate, and I was trying to be funny at someone else's expense. It was the ladies of 'The Talk.' We were asked a question about 'The Talk.'"

Before continuing, her co-host Sarah Gilbert corrected Sharon and said, "'The View', you mean?'"

Kelly Osbourne's mother answered, "See?! I'm not well! I'm not responsible. I'm really just a loose cannon."

Continuing her discussion in a series tone, Sharon said, "Anyway, I want to apologize to Jenny [McCarty], Sherri [Shepard], and Whoopi [Goldberg], who are all accomplished, self-made women who have amazing careers. They have achieved so much.I mean, Whoopi is an Oscar winner. Who am I to say anything about Whoopi [or] any of the ladies?"

"I respect Jenny as a mother, as a women, as an artist. Sherri, too. And, really, I can't even get the name of my own show right. So please understand, it was my irreverent behavior, and no disrespect [was] meant. And I'm not a person who is mean, I'm really not. And I apologize," she added.

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