Shakira Sued for $100 Million by Ex

Posted Saturday April 13, 2013 3:55 PM GMT

Trying to stake his claim to some of her millions, Shakira's former partner, Antonio de la Rua, has filed suit in California Superior Court asking for $100 million.

The Argentinian businessman claims that he is entitled to the hefty sum from the “Voice” judge because he was her business partner and helped get her recognized beyond Latin America.

In part, the filing claims that Shakira’s world-wide success “was not simply luck,” but rather, “the result of a hard-fought battle to conquer the music world that Mebarak and de la Rua fought together as business partners.”

Shakira is currently represented by Roc Nation, a management company owned by Jay-Z. Stay with GossipCenter for all the latest case information.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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