Shailene Woodley to ELLE Canada: Comparing One Actress To Another is Disgusting!

Posted Tuesday April 1, 2014 3:20 PM GMT

She's been constantly compared to "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence since the announcement of "Divergent," but now Shailene Woodley admits the chit chat already started competition amongst the two actresses.

During her interview with ELLE Canada magazine, the 22-year-old actress stated that the media generated rivalries between her and JLaw is really starting to bug her.

"Putting another woman down and raising another woman is disgusting on every level and makes me want to puke," "The Spectacular Now" star declared. "How can we as females and citizens of this earth expect men to start respecting us when we can't find sisterhood and support from one another?"

While discussing JLaw, who talked her into doing the action-packed film, Shailene said, "It's a compliment because she's done really well, but the second you start comparing, and putting another person down for that reason, that's when it starts crossing a major line for me. It's like - 'Dude, come on, middle-school drama.'"

In regards to her role as Tris in "Divergent," Miss Woodley noted, "I thought was neat was that Tris respected herself enough at a young age to be able to say no. In most movies you see nowadays, girls lose their virginity, their kissing-virginity, their hand-holding-virginity and their cuddling-virginity all in the same moment - you're like, I don't remember it happening that way!"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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