"Sex and the City" Stars Hit ShoWest 2010

Posted Thursday March 18, 2010 7:14 PM GMT

Joining in on the ShoWest 2010 festivities, the stars of "Sex and the City" turned up at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday afternoon (March 18).

With Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis all on-hand, the trio of ladies smiled hit up a Warner Bros. Pictures' 'Big Picture 2010' event as they ready to collect a Best Ensemble award.

Meanwhile, the gals are all getting ready for the May 27 release of their hit movie's sequel - which is directed by Michael Patrick King.

Of the amazing popularity that "Sex and the City" has garnered, Miss Nixon recently told Variety that "people have just grown very fond of the characters, the wit of the writing and the glamour and the fashion and all that."

She adds, "One of the things that has kept it so strong is that (writer-director) Michael Patrick King doesn't try to take us through the same thing because it worked so well the last time. If we stayed the same, going out and drinking and having sex, we would turn into 'Absolutely Fabulous,' which is not what we are. He has allowed us to age, and the audience has allowed us to come along for the ride."

Photo Credit: Getty Images