Seth Meyers in The Hollywood Reporter: I'm Going To Miss "SNL" Forever

Posted Wednesday February 19, 2014 6:13 PM GMT

He said farewell to "Saturday Night Live" earlier this month, and now Seth Meyers is sharing his thoughts about moving on in the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter.

During his Q&A session, the 40-year-old actor chatted about the feelings he experienced during final episode of the live sketch show.

"I never really wanted to make an exit plan because nothing out there ever seemed more interesting to me than 'Saturday Night Live," Mr. Meyer's explained. "Because of that, I hadn't done any of the work of falling out of love with the show in the way it's helpful to do before you leave.

He continued,"I'm just sentimental. I'm going to miss it forever, so I might as well put off missing it as long as I can."

In regards to his new position on "Late Night" and his hopes to reinvent evening talk shows, Seth joked, "The idea of blowing it up sounds better than it actually is."

"I'm on a 12:35 at night—I will literally take anyone," he added.

Photo Credit: Miller Mobley for The Hollywood Reporter