Savannah Guthrie Talks Lost-and-Found Engagement Ring

Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013 3:03 PM GMT

Sharing one of the most stressful moments of her life on national television, Savannah Guthrie confessed that she’s already lost and found her engagement ring.

Given that her hunky fiancé Mike Feldman popped the question less than two months ago, the “Today” show star is glad she recovered her bling shortly after misplacing it.

Savannah told Jay Leno, "It was too big, so I was wearing a band-aid around it for like six weeks. It bothered me so I would take it off all the time."

"One day I was home in the afternoon and I started looking around- 'Where is that ring?' I looked high and low, everywhere you could look. The panic was rising up. I called work, 'Can you please look in my office? Maybe I left it there.' I'd already kind of passed by the sink and the trash and glanced but I wasn't at the desperation level."

Guthrie added, "I opened the trash and I started rifling through it . . . [and the ring] fell out of a paper towel in the trash. Then I was like, 'Do I tell him?'"

Photo Credit: NBC

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