Anna Kendrick Hosts a Very Musical "Saturday Night Live": Watch Here!

Posted Sunday April 6, 2014 11:40 AM GMT

Her vocal chops caused quite a buzz in "Pitch Perfect," even spawning a radio smash with "Cups," and Anna Kendrick showcased that talent when hosting this week's "Saturday Night Live" (April 5).

Sketches that featured her singing voice included her opening monologue channeling Belle from "Beauty and the Beast," a "Little Mermaid" parody, and the hilarious "Dongs All Over the World" musical short with the other lovely ladies of "SNL."

In addition to her singing, the 28-year-old star got a chance to show off her moves in the recurring dance skit, "Les Jeunes de Paris."

Along with Anna's singing, musical guest Pharrell Williams performed "Marilyn Monroe" and his hit "Happy" for the audience. Check out some highlights from the show below.

Photo Credit: NBC