Sarah Palin Co-Hosts the "Today" Show

Posted Tuesday April 3, 2012 9:20 AM GMT

She’s one of the most polarizing figures in politics, and this morning (April 3) Sarah Palin paid a visit to New York City's Rockefeller Plaza for her scheduled appearance on the “Today” show.

he former Governor of Alaska, who co-hosted the 8am hour of the show, looked beautiful as she chatted with Matt Lauer about the ongoing Republican Presidential Primaries, though she wasn’t willing to settle on her choice for candidate quite yet.

Sarah shared, “Anything is still possible, but the numbers are what the numbers are. Anybody running on that GOP ticket would be better than Obama.”

Palin continued, “There is no perfect candidate, and I would warn individuals never to put their faith wholly in a politician because that politician will disappoint you.”

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