Boston City Bus Crashes into Set of Sandra Bullock's New Film

Posted Monday July 9, 2012 7:10 PM GMT

The set of Sandra Bullock's new movie "The Heat" was interrupted around 9:30 this morning (July 9th) when a Boston city bus crashed into a production truck.

The incident happened just outside Roxbury District Court in a scene scarily reminiscent of the star's 1994 blockbuster, "Speed." Approximately 20 passengers were on the bus and according to local reports, at least 15 people were injured with non-life-threatening injuries, including the driver.

Passenger Alistair Allen tells WCVB Boston, “It was scary. The sound scared you more than anything else. I mean you got thrown and you hit yourself but the sound was like, ‘boom!’”

The bus entrance was damaged and pressed against the back-left corner of the truck, making it difficult for passengers to get out.

A member of the production crew was inside the parked tractor-trailer when it was hit, but co-workers say he didn't appear to have serious injuries. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

"The Heat" showcases the "Miss Congeniality" actress along with "Bridesmaids'" break-out star Melissa McCarthy in a buddy cop film directed by comedy-specialist Paul Feig.

Photo Credit: Getty Images