Sam Claflin Talks Kristen Stewart's Struggle With Fame in Harper's Bazaar UK November 2013

Posted Monday October 14, 2013 1:38 PM GMT

With his highly anticipated film "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" slated to hit theaters November 22nd, Sam Claflin scored a feature in the November 2013 issue of Harper's Bazaar UK magazine.

During his Q&A session with the publication, the "Snow White and the Huntsman" actor chatted about his role as Finnick and his observation of Kristen Stewart's struggle with fame.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Claflin's interview below. For more, be sure to visit Harper's Bazaar UK!

On becoming Finnick:
"I saw people's reaction and some were harsh. Not to the point where I'm going to kill myself but I thought, 'I'm sorry I'm not your Finnick. Trust me, when I read the book, I didn't see me as Finnick either!' I don't think I'm that attractive. I remember sitting waiting for the audition, reading the breakdown of the character: 6ft, tenner, toned. I felt very out of shape; I had stubble, long brown hair and very pale. This other kid walked in who looked like Brad Pitt in 'Thelma & Louis' the muscles, blonde hair, a vest. I thought, I am not going to get this part.' He's a very complex character and you have to be able to portray the vulnerabilities as well as the charm and charisma. There was something I did with the acting part of it that they liked."

On the drawbacks of fame:
"Kristen, bless her heart, is the most looked-at person of anyone I've worked with. She felt she had to hide herself away. I feel sorry for her knowing how she and Rob [Pattinson] must've had to live."

On marrying Laura Haddock:
"It's difficult to go more than a few weeks without seeing each other. The longest we've gone is a month and that was really tough. Every time I come home to London, she's a distraction - I want to drink wine and eat good food when I'm with her. But we Skype a lot. Our relationship started on Skype so it's always been that way. Meeting Laura has blown me off my feet. It's fresh, it keeps me on my toes. We spend a lot of time missing each other, which is a nice feeling. And she's understanding because we both work in the same industry. If we made plans for this weekend and then I had to go to LA to meet Steven Spielberg, she'd understand."

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