Sam Claflin to Join "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" Cast?

Posted Tuesday July 17, 2012 6:59 PM GMT

Several reports are saying "Snow White and the Huntsman" actor Sam Claflin the frontrunner or on the short list to play Finnick in the sequel to "The Hunger Games." Though Lionsgate has not confirmed the rumor, Variety's Jeff Sneider confirmed that Claflin was on the studio's short list.

If cast, the 26-year-old British actor will play Finnick Odair, a former winner of the "Hunger Games" who befriends Katniss at the Quarter Quell.

Earlier this morning, Lionsgate did announce that "Pulp Fiction" actress (and daughter of Oscar-winner Christopher Plummer) will be joining the cast of "Catching Fire."

Academy Award Winner Melissa Leo may also inject some Oscar power into the film as she is the frontrunner to play 80 year-old Mags in the movie, according to Variety.

Photo Credit: Getty Images