Josh Duhamel & Julianne Hough: “Safe Haven” Promotions in London

Posted Thursday February 21, 2013 3:50 PM GMT

Continuing their tour of the UK, Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough showed up at a book signing for author Nicholas Sparks’ “Safe Haven” in London, England today (February 21).

The proud papa-to-be (Duhamel and Fergie are expecting) and his “Footloose” costar hammed it up with Sparks at a local book store while fans gathered around to take pictures and score autographs.

During a recent interview with Chelsea Handler, Julianne explained that she’s had a tough time keeping her pants intact during dance competitions as of late.

"There's a theme, actually. I ripped my dress at the Golden Globes because I was dancing too hard. I actually went to Minneapolis on tour for Safe Haven, actually, and we went to a strip club -- Sasha actually split my pants. That's a whole other story, wow! And then we went to Ellen and Portia's birthday party. My skirt was kind of ripping a little bit, and Justin Theroux wanted to do breakdancing. I had a little alcohol in my system and I was like, 'You wanna go?' So Portia was running around the house trying to find some pants. I put some pants on and we went at it."