Robin Williams’ “Good Will Hunting” Monologue Memorialized on Park Bench

Posted Tuesday August 12, 2014 2:33 PM GMT

It’s arguably one of the best scenes in modern film, and Robin Williams' powerful moment with Matt Damon on a park bench in Boston has been commemorated by mourning fans.

Following the announcement of the “Fisher King” star’s death yesterday, Nick Rabchenuk went to Boston Public Gardens to visit the location of the iconic monologue.

Nick explained, “When we got there, there were two guys sitting on the bench. As we were talking, another couple came by and we all started chatting. I got out my chalk, my girlfriend wrote the ‘BANGARANG’ and the Ferngully line.”

Furthermore, “I wrote the line from Good Will Hunting and traced my feet to represent his when he was sitting on the bench. That one scene on the bench is arguably one of the best scenes of any movie made in the last 50 years. It’s so simple and straightforward, it just hits you right in the gut.”

Afterwards, the group took photos, some of which ended up on Twitter to pay tribute to the late Mr. Williams.

Photo Credit: Getty Images