Robin Roberts: My Virus is “Under Control”

Posted Monday November 19, 2012 12:41 PM GMT

“Good Morning America’s” crew gave their audience an update on Robin Roberts' condition sixty days after her bone marrow transplant.

During their early broadcast, the 51-year-old host’s own words were shared from a recent blog post, which explained that she was “moved to tears” from the love and support she received from fans and family.

“After about a week back in the hospital, I returned home Friday night. A latent virus, many of us have, was not responding to medication and was pulling down my numbers. Our immune systems usually take care of a virus like this ... but mine is only 59 days old,” Miss Roberts continued.”

“Physically I felt fine but being back in the hospital took an emotional toll on me. The wonderful doctors, nurses and support staff lifted my spirits. It was comforting seeing them again. They assured me the majority of BMT patients have to be re-admitted to the hospital for various reasons.”

“I decided to look at my brief stay as a "tune up" ... and then I would be back on the road to recovery. By the grace of God, I am! The virus is under control and my numbers are going back up. My sister, Sally-Ann, flew to NYC to be with me.”

“Before I was discharged on Friday she interviewed me. Her station in New Orleans, WWL-TV, has done an incredible job bringing attention to the need for donors like my big sis. "GMA" will show a portion of the interview Tuesday morning. I've been moved to tears by my "GMA" family's (and YOUR) genuine support, concern and love. Have a blessed Sunday. XO”

Photo Credit: Getty Images